Telecommunications in the Educational Space

Activate Telecoms has realised the need for upgraded school internet connections. The days of outdated computer rooms and a slow internet connection are over. Activate specialises in upgrading and connecting schools to the newest technology.  They strive to connect all types of institutions: whether it’s a small private college or a massive public school, Activate has the expertise and skills to connect students to one large stable connection. Activate Telecoms understands the importance of education, which is why they strive to deliver only the best solution to schools, providing exclusive competitive rates and rules in terms of trenching for fibre.

Keep any educational space connected with Activate Telecoms. Contact Activate Telecoms for the best in school fibre internet.


Case Study

Brescia House Girl’s School in Bryanston has upgraded to full fibre and are reaping the benefits. More than 600 students are now able to connect to the internet via their laptops. Students have full internet access and are able to connect to their teachers while doing work in the classroom. The school has provided its students with laptops and they now make use of Activate’s school fibre internet connection.

Fibre vs Wireless

Activate Telecoms usually tries to install only fibre connection solutions; however there are numerous instances in which it is too far to trench. In these cases, they set up the same service using a Microwave dish and provide the same service as that provided using physical fibre.

Products Offered

Activate realises the importance of a school internet connection. They are also aware of the changes in teaching mediums and methods, which is why they will ensure that each school is equipped with the right connection. Activate offers the following school internet connection solutions:

  • Internet and intranet – data service.
  • VOIP – Voice over IP communication.
  • Fibre optic solutions – wireless and cable.
  • Converged telecommunication solutions – bundling all data services together so as to provide a single bill.
  • Full Managed solutions to split traffic so each students will reap the benefits


  • 100MB + speed links.
  • Connection between various arms of the school (pre, primary, high school, college).
  • Latest teaching technology.
  • Smaller 2, 5 and 10MB links to replace old and out-dated copper solutions.
  • Full support in terms of set up and maintenance.
  • Expert knowledge.
  • Specific partners to ensure delivery of what is promised.
  • Full hosted solutions (keep all the equipment off-site).

Why Use Us

Through an adequate school fibre internet connection, numerous schools are now up to date with the latest technology. Activate has increasingly provided schools with efficient internet connection solutions.

Voice Solutions for Distance Learning Opportunities

Activate Telecoms delivers all voice solutions over exceptional fibre-optic connections. This results in high-quality voice services that facilitate the distance learning opportunities and support.

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