SMME Telecommunication Solutions

  • Let us do a full audit of your business so that we can streamline all your connectivity and cut costs where we can
  • Wireless solutions
  • Fixed line solutions (fibre)
  • Connect branches
  • Reduce call costs up to 80%
  • Expert advice and experience to ensure satisfied customers


We are well aware of the recurring cable theft problem. Make use of our wireless solutions to service your company’s needs.

Comprehensive Wireless Connectivity Service

Our wireless solutions that use an antenna to send and receive include:

  • Micro Wave – Used by larger businesses that needs a stronger and more stable link. A broadband service is delivered over this medium and pricing starts at R1500.00 pm.
  • LTE – We offer this new and fashionable service, it provides very high download speeds.
  • Wimax – This type of medium is used by small businesses and starts from R499.00 pm.
  • ADSL – The traditional way of business connectivity, this service is usually delivered over a copper wire or traditional phone line.
  • Satellite – Our sister company that deals specifically in satellite solutions, where there is no connectivity we will still get you connected.
  • 3G – The slower medium used by cellular operators before all new smart phones became 4G (LTE).

We strive to deliver the best service we can at the best price.

Fixed Line (Fibre)

We use the latest connectivity solutions, fibre optics with its unmatched performance and reliability.  We can deliver numerous options through our fibre, ranging from large point – point solutions to connect multiple branches to the head office.

Fibre Benefits

  • Fastest speeds
  • Maximum Reliability
  • Less likely to theft (it’s in the ground)
  • Contention ratios can be eliminated on the right service
  • Cost effective in the long run
  • Deliver voice and data
  • SLA that guarantees excellence

Internet: This is a 1:1 connection on fibre, starting at R3000.00 pm.  This service provides synchronised upload and download speeds.

Broadband: This is a 1:10 connection on fibre, starting at R1600.00 pm.


Our voice solutions can provide you with a variety of options ranging from 30 channel sips to satellite connectivity. We also provide the support for all the hardware and connectivity; this ensures that you have the best voice solution. We deliver the following:

  • Analogue
  • BRI
  • PRI
  • SIP
  • Mobile
  • Fixed line

We have a range of prices on our products; contact us to find your perfect solution.

Allow us to tailor a voice solution specifically for you.

Mobile (Neosmart)

We have our own and unique mobile service. It includes a dual SIM android phone that has the functionality of two SIM card slots. The dual SIM is used to run our 15c calls and free inter-branch calling, which will drastically reduce your monthly expenditure. This is achieved through closed user groups.

With our mobile and office solutions you can connect the whole office at unbeatable prices. Packages start at R99.00 pm including 1GB Data, 100 SMS’s and 100 voice minutes.

Let us audit your expenditure on communication and let’s reduce the cost and increase the functionality.


We have partnered with market leaders to ensure that only the best hardware is delivered at the best price. Our cost-effective devices are reliable and will provide longevity to your business. Our list of partners includes:

  • SS Telecoms
  • Even Flow
  • Far South
  • Yealink
  • SNOM
  • Gigaset
  • Com.X
  • Motorola
  • Plantronics
  • Kathea (Video Conferencing)
  • Jabra
  • Man 3000 (Telephone Management systems )
  • Polycom
  • Netgear


We provide full support through our SLA, and we have a variety of maintenance packages to suit your needs.

Activate Telecoms guarantees support and promises to go out of their way to get clients problems resolved, we are dedicated to ensure all communication needs are met.

Contact us for the solution that best suits you.