More than Communication, Form a Connection

Activate Telecoms provides a tailor-made telecommunication solution specific to your business and needs. We are the country’s industry leader in the sourcing, installation and set-up of fibre optic links, the most effective manner to connect you to the world.

Tailored solutions

Corporation Solutions

Invest in our corporate solutions and get the correct connectivity.

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SMME Solutions

Let us do a full audit of your business so that we can streamline all your connectivity and cut costs where we can

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Gated Communities

We have solutions for gated communities

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Educational Solutions

Activate Telecoms has realised the need for upgraded communications in schools.

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How Our Solutions Help You

No successful enterprise is an island and our telecommunications solutions help bring your business to the forefront of your industry.
Here’s how:

Cost Reduction
  • Use the latest technologies to provide the most cost saving solutions.
  • Quality is never sacrificed for Price – We will only deliver if it WORKS.
  • Full audit of your Communications to ensure the correct systems are in place.
  • Solutions that fit your budget – Certified and well-maintained pre-owned equipment available on request.
  • The latest mediums to ensure your connectivity.
  • We supply fixed fibre solutions as well as microwave solutions equal to the effectiveness of fibre, Wimax, Lte, ADSL and Satellite.
  • We supply all types of connectivity – Connect to places you would never have dreamed of.
  • We only install links we know work and provide the ultimate reliability.
  • We have a SLA to ensure that our reliability is kept too.
  • Our policies and procedures are specifically crafted to ensure your link is reliable and consistent.
  • We understand the importance of connectivity.
  • We inspect each job specifically – We set up full redundancy between different networks and through our own systems, to ensure that you are never down.
  • Our SLA is in line with this and is set up to ensure that your experience is flawless and without downtime.

Choose a solution that best suits your need, contact us by form or phone, and then allow us to craft a high-speed connection between you and the world.

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